Halloween Greetings for Best Friends

Write your name on this this beautiful Halloween Greetings for Best Friends image to wish Happy Halloween to your friends and family in a beautiful and heart touching way.

You can write your own names and quotes on this beautiful Halloween Greetings for Best Friends image and then share the generated image with your friends or family or make this image as you facebook cover, instagram cover or whatsapp dp or profile pictures to show your love and care for them.

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Write your name in the given text field “Your Name Here” and then click on the “Save Image” button.After some time a new popup window will open that contains download and sharing options.If you find any issues in making cards, wishes or greetings then kindly see our step by step tutorial on :How to Make Mother’s Day Greetings

What Exactly Is Halloween?

Halloween is a popular American holiday for children and adults. It is celebrated on October 31st every year. Children dress up in costumes and go after dark house to house, knock on the door and say trick or treat! People then give the children “treats” like candy. Costumes can be scary. You will see many witches, monsters, ghosts and vampires but you might also see lots of children dressed up as fairies or princesses. It is also a time that people have Halloween parties where you can play fun games like bobbing for apples, go through a haunted house, or have a costume party. You will also see lots of jack o’lanterns on Halloween.

Where does Trick or Treating come from?

Trick or Treating started on this side of the pond in Ireland, Scotland and Wales and involved people dressing up and going door to door asking for food.

People would say poems or sing songs in exchange for food, this tradition evolved into children saying prayed in return for ‘soul cakes’ in the 11th century.

The soul cakes were sweet with a cross tops, similar to hot cross buns, and were intended to represent a spirit being freed from purgatory when eaten.

By the 19th century, this had evolved into a tradition where children would sing songs, tells jokes and read poems instead of prayers for pieces of fruit and money.

Later, the children would play threatening pranks on people to get them to hand over sweets.

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